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Student Spotlights September 2022

Every month we compile a list of students and schools doing great things across the Greater Mobile.  We have so many talented students in our area.  Mobile Bay Parents joins with these families and schools to celebrate their achievements! Spanish Fort High School Welcomes Freshmen to the Fort Spanish Fort High School welcomed Freshmen to [...]

How to Motivates Kids for Back to School

The long summer days of sunshine, pooltime, travel, and enjoying a leisurely schedule are coming to a close as a new school year quickly approaches. Some kids enjoy all of the excitement and promise of a new school year but others may find the thought of waking up early, completing nightly homework, and the stress […]


Dinner’s Ready:
Kimberly Morgan’s Easy Chicken Enchiladas

“My family’s absolute favorite recipe would have to be my Easy Chicken Enchiladas,” said Kimberly Morgan, a stay-at-home mom who loves a good challenge in the kitchen. “It is the one meal that everyone seems to enjoy and that I know will be consumed without any fussing or bribing or need for an after-dinner snack. […]


Teacher of the Month:
Paige Ellis, Belforest Elementary School, Daphne

“For the past two years, I hosted a rock club for interested first graders,” shared this month’s Teacher of the Month, Mrs. Paige Ellis. “The ‘Rock On! Club’ introduced basic geology through hands-on activities. The children grew crystal letters, mined for edible gems, and more! Best of all, the children built community with their peers!” […]


Backpacks, Bullies and Back to School

Kids Health Watch is brought to you by our friends and Magnolia Springs Pediatrics Another school year is almost upon us! I want to discuss two important topics that often come up in my practice and recently in the national media, bullying and backpacks. First is bullying. As you know, bullying is when one child […]


Should I Buy a Hybrid to Deal with Gas Prices?

Q. Do you think I should get a new hybrid car to save money on gas? A lot of my friends have done this, and with the rise in gas and oil prices lately, they’re telling me I should, too. According to them, I’ll save a ton of money, especially since I have a bigger […]


School Shootings and Our Children
How to Help Them Recognize the Online Signs

My job each month is to bring you, the parent, information that will better protect your children in the online space.  These conversations are not always easy to have, but in order to keep our kids safe, we must have them.  Today’s conversation is one of the hardest; it is about school shootings.  I have […]


Five Benefits of After School Activities For Happy Well-Rounded Kids

Parents, do you ever wonder if you may be taking the whole over-scheduling taboo too seriously? For years, parents have been hearing that kids have too many activities, too much homework, too much screen time, too much sugar…and on and on. Personally, I find most parents are intelligent, conscientious, and trying to find a healthy […]


Middle School Teachers Valuable Life Lesson

I still remember when a boy made fun of my butt in 8th grade, taunting me that it was flat compared to the other girls. But the truth? My less than curvaceous derriere didn’t bother me. It still doesn’t, even in a Kim Kardashian world. “She’s nervous,” I told my coworker about my daughter, 11, […]


Teaching Kids to Pause When Angry

David A. Powlison’s book Good and Angry: Redeeming Anger, Irritation, Complaining, and Bitterness suggests that all anger is rooted in selfishness.  Selfishness can simply be described by the saying, “I want what I want when I want it.”  Anger is born when we do not get what we want.  Anger can be both good and […]

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