Student Spotlights October 2022

Every month we compile a list of students and schools doing great things across the Greater Mobile.  We have so many talented students in our area.  Mobile Bay Parents joins with these families and schools to celebrate their achievements!

Foley Elementary School students Write to their Pet Pals

Ms. McConnell’s fifth graders at Foley Elementary School wrote letters to their Pet Pals, Beni and Javi. They are closely inspecting all the sentence structures, looking specifically for compound predicates and compound subjects. There’s also a lot of questions they have to answer.

Bay Minette Middle School Tiger Paws Make Game Debut

The Bay Minette Middle School Tiger Paws made their game debut in support of the BMMS Tigers football team. Members of the Tiger Paws include, in no particular order, Ansley Guy, Haylin Milstead, Zoe Hughes, Starla Chapman, Leah Stuart, Kaydence Scott, Aalaiya McCLain and Kaylin Lundy. Photo courtesy Tiger Paws

Bay Minette Elementary Celebrates the 2022-23 Lighthouse Team

Bay Minette Elementary recently recognized and celebrated the BMES Lighthouse team members for the 2022-2023 school year. This group of students show leadership skills daily. Their purpose will be to represent the student body and serve in several capacities within the school and community.

NBCEE Receives Funds from Heritage Women’s Club

The North Baldwin Coalition for Excellence in Education (NBCEE) has received a donation from the Heritage Women’s Club in Bay Minette. These funds will be use for the education foundation’s Teacher Grant program. Club members Starla Sellers and Ashley Jones Davis made the presentation to NBCEE Board members Tiz Day, Kelli Wallace and Colleen Beason. NBCEE supports programs and the schools in the North Baldwin feeder pattern including Baldwin County High, Bay Minette Middle, Bay Minette Elementary, Delta Elementary, Pine Grove Elementary, Stapleton Elementary, Perdido School and the North Baldwin Center for Technology. To learn more about the organization, follow the Facebook page or visit

Christ the King Catholic Students attend Blue Mass

Fifth grade students from Christ the King Catholic School travelled to the Cathedral-Basilica of the Immaculate Conception in Mobile for the annual Blue Mass. This Mass is held to honor and pray for law enforcement, firefighters and emergency medical personnel. Our thoughts and prayers go out to first responders as they run towards danger selflessly to protect us.

Loxley Elementary Kindergarteners Learn About “The Good Egg”

Mrs. Browner, with Loxley Elementary School, taught a counseling lesson to Mrs. Lavender’s kindergarten students. These Loxley Cubs learned about “The Good Egg” and followed up with an art activity. Check out those cutting skills!

Delta Elementary Students Create Landform Models

Mrs. Cotton & Mrs. Cartee’s 2nd graders created landform models to demonstrate understanding of the information they’ve been learning.

Daphne Middle School Teachers Conduct Inquiry to Solve Mystery

Daphne Middle School Teachers, Ms. Antinarella and Ms. Holt, conducted inquiry lessons with their 8th grade World History students to solve the mystery of Otzi the Iceman. Their students worked in groups to try and conclude what caused the death of the world’s oldest naturally preserved mummy.

Bay Minette Middle School Students Study the Scientific Method

Mrs. Ralston’s class at Bay Minette Middle School participates in the “penny lab” to learn about the scientific method. The goal is to see how many drops of water they can fit on a penny.

Spanish Fort Middle School Students Discuss Congruent Shapes

Mr. Walley’s 8th grade Math students at Spanish Fort Middle School explain their understanding of how to determine congruent shapes!

Bay Minette Elementary Students Enjoy Flashlight Reading Time

On every Friday, Ms. Vinson’s class at Bay Minette Elementary turns out the lights for a little while and uses flashlights to read. Each student chooses a book and sits quietly reading it in the dark with only a flashlight! This is fun way to engage the class in reading!

W.J. Carroll 6th Graders Practice Verbal Communication

Sixth graders synergized using verbal communication in a. unique way. Student pairs took turns secretly building a structure with building bricks. Then the other student had to try building the same structure with only the partner’s verbal instructions as a guide (no peeking). Great test of communication skills! Pictured are students from Mrs. Booth and Mrs. Wittendorfer’s rooms.

Fairhope West Elementary Band is Ready to Go!

The 6th grade Fairhope West Elementary band has instruments, can put them together and is ready to learn how to play them. The Fairhope West Band is going to do great things this year!

Spanish Fort Middle Students “Save Sam” in Math Class

Heather Sorrell’s Math class at Spanish Fort Middle School used teamwork today to save “Sam’s” life! (Gummy worm) He had been boating and his boat capsized. His life preserver was stuck under the boat and he was clinging to the top of the boat. The challenge was to get the life preserver on Sam and get him safely into his boat using only paper clips. You see, Sam is allergic to humans, so we couldn’t touch anything! Communication was key and lots of laughs were had