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Creative Things to Do With Plastic Easter Eggs

Everyone enjoys participating in an Easter egg hunt in the community or with family, but if your family is anything like mine, we have an abundance of plastic Easter eggs leftover after our yearly egg hunts. Here are some fun ideas how you can repurpose the eggs that are fun for kids as well. Memory […]


Teacher of the Month: Brooke Ruffin, Christ the King Catholic School

“Truly humbling!” said Mrs. Brooke Ruffin of being nominated as April’s Teacher of the Month! “I have so much appreciation and respect for these parents. They want what is best for their kids and they have been so supportive of me as a teacher.”  Mrs. Ruffin has been teaching for 17 years but has only […]


Dinner’s Ready: Kristen Kammer-Hattox Southwestern Egg Rolls

Here’s to hoping Meatless Monday is still a thing because we have the perfect recipe to try in the kitchen if it is! This month’s recipe, brought to you by Kristen Kammer-Hattox and her family, is Southwest Egg rolls. “They are a real winner for our family, the perfect fit!” said Kristen as she described […]


What Are Those Bumps?

Kids Health Watch is brought to you by our friends and Magnolia Springs Pediatrics Hey guys! Today we are gonna talk about a rash that has been popping up on a lot of kids lately and is causing stress for lots of parents. That rash is called molluscum contagiosum and is very common. All three […]


Student Spotlights – April ’22

Every month we compile a list of students and schools doing great things across the Greater Mobile.  We have so many talented students in our area.  Mobile Bay Parents joins with these families and schools to celebrate their achievements! Encore Ensemble Members at All-State Choral Festival Members of Fairhope High School's Encore Ensemble auditioned and [...]

Date Night Can Be Inexpensive AND Fun!

We’re trying to get control of our finances by living on a budget. We also have about $18,000 in debt we are trying to pay off. My husband brings home $3,400 a month, and I am currently taking care of our eight-month-old baby. We would like to have a date night once a month, and […]


The Toddler Instruction Manual

“It’s a good thing you are so cute!” This is a phrase many parents often think of during the challenging toddler years as they find themselves cleaning up messes, potty training, listening to shouts of “No!” with every suggestion, and watching their child throw yet another tantrum. As a mom of six kids, including 7-year-old […]


Stop Doing Everything For Your Kids

Imagine spending all this time and energy raising your kids, and then when you send them off to college someday, you still have to call to wake them up every morning to make sure they get to class on time. Sounds shocking, right? When I was in college 20 years ago, I can recall going […]


Tweens, Teens and Screens:
What Your Kids Are Missing If They Don’t Have Social Media

“Will my kids miss out if I do not give them social media?”  I get this question at almost every one of my conferences.  As parents, it is heartbreaking to think of our children being left behind.  The struggle of fitting in seems to start earlier and earlier.  By the end of elementary school groups […]


Parent Question: What Do I Do When My Child Lies?

“What do I do when my child lies?”  I get this question all the time.  Trust me, you are not the only parent struggling with this. This is normal, so don’t question every parenting decision you have ever made when your kid tells a fib. This article highlights the four categories of lies, how to […]

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