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If you walk through my home and look around long enough you are sure to find little pieces of tape, maybe a random thumb tack in a wall somewhere, and a piece or two of confetti the vacuum missed. This is due to my deep love of decorating for any and every celebration, especially birthdays. I do tend to go a little overboard, and now that I have been introduced to the world of balloon garland…game changer!

For every birthday we have, that family member wakes up to a full display of birthday décor. Sometimes it is a tasteful, color coordinated look, and other times, it is an obnoxious room adorned with Care Bear and Disney Princess balloons (which is funnier considering my girls ages). I have even invested in a small balloon-inflating machine and tend to keep a plethora of balloons, streamers and other décor on hand. Over the years, the kids have found signage on bathroom mirrors, hidden balloons in the shower and, of course, adorned doorways. Some women collect shoes, I collect party décor.

It isn’t just the decorating about which I am passionate. It also makes me so happy having people over to celebrate with us. Every time the girls have a birthday, about a month prior, I start asking what they want… theme, cake, colors and activities. When they were younger they would pick the craziest themes, which were so much fun to put together. Many of our parties have been at home because of this. One year we hosted a “Webkinz” party (remember those?!) complete with a gem hunt. That was a lot of fun, but when it came to the 80s themed party, the young girl in me was ALL IN. We found a cheap roll of black bulletin board paper and splatter painted neon color all over it, then hung it over the walls of the “dance floor” (aka the family room). It was So.Much.Fun!

If you have ever hosted a party at home you know that it can be a lot of work and not necessarily cheaper, but with a clear plan and some organization things can go a whole lot smoother. I absolutely love Sandra Gordon’s tips in this month’s feature, Your Guide to Hosting the Ultimate Kid’s Home Birthday Party. Her outline of steps is something I will definitely be holding on to for future party planning.

If the thought of hosting a home party makes you break out with hives, or if your child wants to have his party in a cool venue, no worries! We can help you with that too! Just flip over to our annual Birthday Party Resource Guide, where you will find several options for party places to help you celebrate your child’s special day complete with décor, entertainment, and the best part, cleanup! In the guide you will also find entertainment companies, places to order cakes and treats, rental businesses and so much more! So whether you decide to host your party at a venue or at home, you definitely want to hold on to this issue year round as you plan your various celebrations.

This is an edition full of celebrations, and as we also celebrate the birth of our nation’s independence, I would like to thank all of the men, women and families who serve and sacrifice so much for our country. For that, I am truly grateful!


Lynn has called the Mobile Bay area home since 2006 with her husband Brad and their 3 daughters. Following the sale of her Abrakadoodle franchise, Lynn still wanted to serve families and help them thrive. Becoming the Publisher of Mobile Bay Parents was the perfect opportunity. Now she invests into family's lives each month by providing the with the area's #1 go-to resource for moms and dads.

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