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Get Ready Getting Your Kids Ready for College

Get Ready: Getting Your Kids Ready for College

There are few events bigger in a kid’s life than starting college. For most kids, it’s the first time they get to experience real independence from their parents. How do […]

Teacher of the month ESP March23

Teacher of the Month: Savannah Shuey, STARS Early Learning Academy

“The most rewarding thing to me when it comes to teaching is being able to work with the next generation,” said Savannah Shuey. “I try to transfer my knowledge so […]

ESP front cover final

From the Publisher – March ’23

Since I work from home, people will ask me how I get any work done with all the distractions of housework, laundry, etc. The answer is easy. I LOVE my […]

Teachin Your Children Boundaries

Teaching Your Children Boundaries

Hailey Magee coined the thought-provoking phrase, “Imagine how different the world would be if little girls were taught to set boundaries as often as they were taught to be polite.” […]

eastern shore parents kids health poison home

Poison Prevention and Your Home

Kids Health Watch is brought to you by our friends and Magnolia Springs Pediatrics Did you know that more than 1.2 million children under the age of six swallow or […]

Dinners Ready grandpas can can chicken Eastern shore parents March23

Dinner’s Ready: Brittany Murray Grandpa’s Chicken Can Can Casserole

We are closing out winter with a delicious comfort food recipe by Brittany Murray-French of the Eastern Shore. She decided to share a family recipe that is sure to hit […]

10 Surprising Things I Learned After Sending My Chikd to Camp 1

10 Surprising Things I Learned After Sending My Child To Camp

I knew certain things about sending my kids to camp. I knew they would spenda lot of time outside and they would try new things. I was thrilled they would […]

Choosing the Right Summer Camp for your Kids 1

Choosing the Right Summer Camp for Your Kids

It’s no exaggeration to say that the one event kids really look forward to all year is summer camp. But how do you choose the right one for them? Based […]

Tips for Parents What Not to Say to Your Teens 1

Tips for Parents What Not to Say to Your Teens

Every parent of teens knows how difficult it is to get them to talk. If they’re not in the mood, and you ask how their day was, the likely answer […]

Dave Says Aging Parents March 2023

Should I Provide Financial Help to My Aging Parents?

Q. My parents are both in their seventies. They have been healthy and active all their lives, but in spite of them both having good jobs they neglected to plan […]

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