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Teacher of the month ESP - July 2023

Teacher of the Month: Meg Murphy, Nature Connect Outdoor School

Helping four and five year olds disconnect from the high tech society we live in is the mission of July’s Teacher of the Month, Meg Murphy. Meg is a kindergarten […]

Dinner's Ready- Katie Denton- ESP July 2023

Dinner’s Ready: Katie Denton’s Taco Bake

Birthdays are celebrated by everyone, everywhere once a year. Katie Denton and her husband Matt intentionally designed a special way for their girls – Piper (5) and Penelope (3) – […]


Preparing Your “Baby” for College

Kids Health Watch is brought to you by our friends and Magnolia Springs Pediatrics Happy Summer, Y’all! I’m writing a bittersweet article this month because we are coming to grips […]

Student & School Spotlights - July 2023 ESP

July 2023 Student Spotlights

Every month we compile a list of students and schools doing great things across our community.  We have so many talented students in our area.  Eastern Shore Parents joins with [...]

Is the Threat of De-Dollarization Real?

I’m hearing more and more about “de-dollarization” and how several countries are moving away from the U.S. dollar as their basis of international trade. Will this affect the strength of […]


Teach the Gift of Giving by Hosting a Charitable Birthday Party

In grade school my son loved celebrating his summer birthday with a big party that included family, friends and everyone in his class. But after the last slice of cake […]


Tips for Teaching Your Child Anything

Simply telling your child what you want them to do and walking away is not an effective teaching strategy. You can’t “talk” your child into learning a new skill. The […]


July 2023 From the Publisher

Just as I predicted last month, our summer has started off with lots of “fun” household projects. Instead of running through the sprinklers as we did when we were kids, […]


Secrets to Throwing an Epic Birthday Party on a Dime

When I received the invite to my nephew’s, pirate party I was worried. The event was being held during the winter time at his house so all the five-year-old kids […]


How Rhythms Help Busy Mamas

One of the best things I starteddoing as a mom was unconsciously implementing rhythms into my day.Rhythms are habits meant to create fluidity.They’re things that triggerother things or things triggeredby […]

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