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ESP Health column June 22

No Diving in the Shallow End!

Kids Health Watch is brought to you by our friends and Magnolia Springs Pediatrics Hey guys, it’s warming up and that means we are coming to the summer in Baldwin County and the enjoyment of the beautiful water.  But with the fun comes some responsibility to prevent accidents for kids. Today, we will talk about […]

Dinners ready family June 22 ESP

Dinner’s Ready: 
Daniel’s Dozen Raw and Baked Oysters

Every year, thousands and thousands of tourists, from all sorts of destinations, visit our area with two things on their mind. One being a chance to sit out all day on our beautiful beaches. Two being to enjoy fresh seafood… specifically the Gulf oysters. There are plenty of restaurants in our area serving great oysters, […]


Teacher of the Month:
Amy Turner, Fairhope East Elementary School

Starting out each day with a touch of magic has been the goal over the past 19 years for our passionate and dedicated Teacher of the Month, Mrs. Amy Turner, kindergarten teacher at Fairhope East Elementary. “I was once told by a veteran teacher with many years of experience that Kindergarten should be magical,” said […]


10 Things Kids Should Know Before Heading to College This Fall

Your family has survived the testing, the essays, the applications and the waiting game. Now it’s time to teach your college-bound child some important skills before they head out of the house and explore the world on their own. Here are some basic things I’ll be working on with my own college-bound teens, and summer […]

Teens and Screens June 22 art

Tweens, Teens and Screens:
The Hidden Dangers of the “Perfect Picture”

We have all done it… used the latest filters to “perfect” or fix our photos.  It seems innocent enough.  A quick swipe and our faces are flawlessly “fixed”, and for many of us, the filters also remove a few years in the process.  The reality is that our young children, and teens, are watching.  Additionally, […]

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