Teacher of the Month: Lacey Bussie, Robertsdale High School

Teacher of the month ESP - JAN 2023

Twelve years into teaching and Lacey Bussie is still just as passionate, if not more so, about her career choice. She teaches Anatomy and Physiology and AP Biology to 11th and 12th graders at Robertsdale High School.

“My students laugh at how ‘giddy’ I am about certain topics,” Lacey shared. “My hope is to get them excited about science, really appreciate it and maybe even pursue a career in research or some field of science.”

Deep down, Lacey shared that she knew she always wanted to be a teacher. Her very own high school Anatomy and Physiology class made her fall in love with the beauty of the systems within the human body. She decided to take that passion and combine it with her natural ability of teaching!

“Teaching is a career that forces you to be resilient,” Lacey said. “Don’t be afraid of change. Don’t be afraid to keep learning. You can always better yourself. When you stop learning yourself, that’s when you become an ineffective teacher and that is when you stop enjoying it.”

Lacey graduated from the University of Mobile with a BS in Biology and then a MA in Teaching Biology from the University of West Alabama. She hopes to one day further her education by getting a degree in Biotechnology or Genetics.

“Finding a support system of teachers is invaluable,” said Lacey, reminiscing about her first year teaching. “I am very lucky to have a core group of teachers in my department who I get to work with each day.”

Lacey works daily to build authentic relationships with her students, their parents and her colleagues. She believes that authenticity is what allows her to establish relationships that last for years – well beyond graduation day.

“Science can be such a difficult subject for students to understand because most of what we talk about is too small to see with the naked eye. I strive to be as hands on and interactive as possible,” Lacey said. “I want students to have productive fun while learning. We do lots of group activities and labs that bring the science to life.”

Beyond all things science, Lacey hopes her students will be kind. How they treat others, in her classroom and beyond, is truly what they have to offer others.

Lacey Bussie has two daughters – Lela (5) and Brayleigh (3). This trio loves to cook and bake together and they make a lot of memories together in the kitchen. Their evenings consist of being silly and dance parties in their living room.Lacey Bussie


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