Teacher of the Month: Denise Wilson, Bayshore Christian School

Copy of Teacher of the month ESP - DEC 2023

When talking with Denise Wilson, our Eastern Shore Parents Teacher of the Month, she described her teaching style a little differently than most teachers would. Her style, she shared, is simply engaging her students in discussion.

“We have a lot of good conversation in my classes, and it’s where our best learning takes place,” said Denise. “I try to approach things in a variety of ways for those who learn differently. I’ve also been known to give a ‘mom talk’ or two on occasion.”

Denise has more than 20 years experience teaching in a classroom and she also homeschooled her twin daughters, Ruthie and Maggie, from Kindergarten to eighth grade. They are now seniors at Bayshore Christian School where Denise is currently teaching.

“I currently teach 10th grade Debate, 11th grade American Literature and 12th grade Rhetoric,” Denise shared. “I love teaching high school! I get paid to spend time with amazing teenagers, to read good books with them and help them write and speak persuasively and with integrity.”

Some of Denise’s favorite moments in the classroom are when she and her students spend the day together in laughter. Her goal in the classroom isn’t necessarily grades but rather focusing on each student’s journey. She hopes they find the beauty and practicality in everything they are learning.

“What I hope to pass on to my students, beyond their academics, is that they are created, known and loved by God,” shared Denise passionately. “What I pray for each of them is that they will trust Jesus and follow Him all the days of their life because He is faithful, He is good and they need Him. I pray somehow they see that in me, despite all of my flaws.”

Denise explained that her students have also taught her a thing or two — the biggest lesson being that she doesn’t have to have all the answers.

“They just want to know I’m real and that I’m trustworthy,” said Denise. “That, and if I try to use their slang terms I will just look silly so I probably shouldn’t!”

Denise has been married to her husband David for 24 years. The family lives on a small farm in Foley and they enjoy spending time with their animals, cozy fires, gardening and time with their friends and family. They are active members of Eastern Shore Presbyterian Church in Fairhope and are grateful for their church family.


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