Teacher of the Month: Amanda Foster, Belforest Elementary School

Teacher of the month ESP - Aug 2023

“Kindergarten is always moving and never boring,” shares our Teacher of the Month, Amanda Foster. “There is almost always something new each day.”

Mrs. Foster will begin her 22nd year teaching this fall and has always taught kindergarten!

“Being a mom was the first job I wanted as a little girl. Teaching, especially in kindergarten, gave me the opportunity to use my nurturing mom skills and get kids ready for the next step in their education,” she shared. “I have always loved the excitement of being a part of their first ‘big school’ experience.”


Mrs. Foster works diligently to create an atmosphere that is motivating for her students using music and dance. She shares that she incorporates these activities into as much as she can because movement helps with stress. Music and dance also helps her students retain the information they are learning.

Beyond subject matter, Mrs. Foster hopes that her students will always remember how important it is to build relationships.

“Building relationships with both the parents and the students leaves a lasting impression and builds a strong foundation. When strong relationships are built, communication is easy and your class becomes like a family,” she shared. “Parent relationships are just as important as student relationships because my parents are part of our class family too!”

Mrs. Foster shares that her favorite teaching moment to date happened recently, while teaching at Belforest Elementary.

“I was able to experience an amazing inclusion setting,” she shares excitedly. “My students with special needs were in and out of my room often for different learning opportunities. The other students in the class learned to work with their needs and everyone got what they needed and more.”

She described her students as becoming some of the most compassionate, patient and nurturing five-year-old kids she has ever taught.

Mrs. Foster attributes her continued success to all of her colleagues and their amazing support and encouragement. Her advice for a new teacher would be to build good relationships with those they will be working with.

“Depend on others. Don’t try to do it all on your own,” she says. “You will be bombarded with all the information, paperwork and needs. Find your teacher bestie or tribe and let them help you. You will pay it forward one day.”

Amanda is married to Joey Foster. She has a stepson Tanner (26), a daughter Gracie (17), and a son Cullen (12). The family loves baseball, the beach, grilling on the back porch, and Alabama Football.


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