Teacher of the Month: Sarah Nisewonger, Fairhope West Elementary School

Teacher of the month ESP April 2023

“I became a teacher because I wanted to make a direct impact. How many other professions can truly say that? It is such a blessing,” shared Sarah Nisewonger, our April Teacher of the Month. “I remember every single one of my teachers and still use many things in my classroom that resonated with me from my time in their classrooms.”

Mrs. Nisewonger has been teaching first grade for nine years, eight of them being at Fairhope West Elementary. She obtained her Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education and her Master’s Degree in Reading from the University of Alabama.

“I teach first grade and absolutely love it. There is something so special about this age,” she shares. “Learning is still magical to them, and they start learning to problem solve. It’s incredible to watch. We see so much growth from the beginning of first grade to the end.”

After hearing about all the fun things in Mrs. Nisewonger’s classroom, it is no wonder she was nominated for this month’s award. She describes her classroom as ‘full of movement’ and incorporates lots of singing, jumping, dancing, and more to keep her students engaged in their education.

“We do several ‘Room Transformations’ throughout the year, such as Spy Day, Mad Science Day, Glow Day, etc. These special days are when our classroom transforms, and learning comes to life,” she explains. “Overall, I just try to cultivate an environment in my classroom where my students are happy to be there and proud of who they are.”

Beyond subject matter, Mrs. Nisewonger hopes her students will take other skills with them when they leave her classroom. For example, she hopes they will be good people who are considerate of others – both core values that she establishes throughout the school year. She also desires that they will be confident problem solvers throughout their lives.

Mrs. Nisewonger says she isn’t the only one teaching in her first-grade classroom. She shares, “My students teach me something new every day, especially not to sweat the small stuff and to appreciate the little things in life.”

Sarah Nisewonger is married to John. Together they have a precious 10-month-old named Barrett. She also has two bonus kiddos, Lincoln and Natalie. As a family, they love serving on outreach projects with their church, impromptu kitchen dance parties, sporting events, and movie nights.


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