Teacher of the Month: Savannah Shuey, STARS Early Learning Academy

Teacher of the month ESP March23

“The most rewarding thing to me when it comes to teaching is being able to work with the next generation,” said Savannah Shuey. “I try to transfer my knowledge so they can become whatever their heart desires.”

Savannah was nominated as our Teacher of the Month by more than a few parents whose children are enrolled at STARS Early Learning Academy.

“Savannah is my son’s teacher, and she is amazing,” said Megan Munsey. “My son has learned more in five months than I ever could have imagined.”

Savannah was incredibly excited to be nominated by so many parents and appreciates knowing what she does makes a difference. She has been teaching Pre-K for five years and loves being part of her students’ educational foundation.

“I think I was born wanting to be a teacher, “Savannah said. “Teaching was always my first career choice.”

Savannah shared that the most wonderful thing about teaching her three and four-year-olds, is watching their progress and their excitement when it comes to learning new things. For example, the joy her students feel when they learn to write their names correctly for the first time or when they read a few sight words in their books is very rewarding.

“I definitely try to have the best relationships with each student,” Savannah said. “The more they trust you, the more they engage and are excited to learn new things.”

The passion Savannah has for her young pupils shines through daily. Her desire to give them the best education while keeping them safe is apparent. She keeps her classroom sensory-friendly and creates lessons that are fun and foundational.

“My students have taught me patience more than anything,” Savannah shared. “They also taught me to care on a deeper level – I would stand up for any of these kids because they deserve the best.”

Being the start of a child’s educational journey should not be taken for granted. For anyone considering teaching, Savannah shares this advice.

“I would tell a new teacher that your students thrive on just you showing up every day. Some days might be good and some bad, but just being there for your students in all aspects will make all the difference in their lives!”

Savannah Shuey is 26 years old and resides in Fairhope, AL. She enjoys spending time with people she loves, traveling, and working on fun crafts.


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