Teacher of the Month: Calley Davis, Robertsdale Elementary School

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“I have wanted to be a teacher since I was a little girl. I had the opportunity to work with special needs kids when I was in high school. That’s when my passion for working with special children really started,” shared Calley Davis, the K-6 Project Reach teacher at Robertsdale Elementary. “I enjoy working with kids and making them feel loved and safe.”

This is Ms. Davis’s fifth year teaching but only her second year at Robertsdale Elementary. She taught her first three years at Augusta Evans in Mobile County. When she made the move to Elberta, AL, she found out about Robertsdale’s opening for Project Reach teacher and applied.

“I love where I am now because of the awesome support I have here. We have an awesome behavioral consultant that has gone above and beyond for my classroom,” said Ms. Davis. “I have also been extremely blessed with involved parents who want the absolute best for their kids.”

Motivating students can be a challenge for any teacher, however, Ms. Davis seems to have found the answer for her K-6 classroom. She focuses on creating a fun and happy learning environment for her students. She couples this with plenty of breaks throughout the day so her students can rest. She also offers an incentive program where the kids can earn prizes.”

“My students use a token board all day. They have to earn five tokens before getting their Calley Davis Robertsdale Elementary School desired items. It can be anything from Skittles, a certain toy, play-doh, Bluetooth speaker, iPad time, a walk around the school, etc.,” Ms. Davis said. “My students receive a lot of edible reinforcers. This helps to remind them of how awesome they are doing in that moment.”

Following a strict schedule is also very helpful for Ms. Davis and the success of her classroom.

“My kids thrive on schedules and stability,” she shared. Her students use visual schedules to stay on task and to know what is coming next.

Ms. Davis prides herself in her students’ accomplishments. Whether they are learning something big or small, it doesn’t matter. One of her favorite teaching moments was as a 10th grade Special Education teacher when she was able to teach three of her students how to tie their shoes. Their excitement in that moment continues to fuel her passion today.

“A lot of my students are nonverbal. I love being able to connect with them and learn how they communicate their needs and wants,” said Ms. Davis, expressing that her students teach her patience daily. “My favorite saying is, ‘He’s nonverbal, but he hears you.’”

Calley Davis is originally from Grove Hill, AL and now resides in Elberta, AL. She has a two-year-old son named Cooper. They enjoy family boat trips, riding bikes, going to the beach, arcade adventures and OWA theme and water park.


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