Teacher of the Month:
Amy Turner, Fairhope East Elementary School

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Starting out each day with a touch of magic has been the goal over the past 19 years for our passionate and dedicated Teacher of the Month, Mrs. Amy Turner, kindergarten teacher at Fairhope East Elementary.

“I was once told by a veteran teacher with many years of experience that Kindergarten should be magical,” said Mrs. Turner. “I do my best to make it just that! If children see school as fun, you can literally teach them anything.”

Mrs. Turner received her Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education from the University of South Alabama in 1998. She is certified in teaching Pre-K through sixth grade, but believes she was born to teach kindergarten! Growing up in Butler, AL, she had amazing teachers and knew from a young age she would teach.

“I remember my teachers being so nurturing,” said Mrs. Turner. “I found myself mimicking them at home as I pretended to teach school using my baby dolls as students.”

Mrs. Turner believes teaching is a gift and she does not take it for granted. She shared that in August, when her students arrive to her, they are like a blank canvas knowing only a few letters and sounds. By January, she is able to experience the “lightbulb” coming on as her students finally understand the concepts she has taught for the first half of the year. Then, by May, they leave being independent readers and writers.

“It’s amazing to experience how far they come and how much they grow throughout the year,” she said. “The pride they have in themselves when they take home that first book to read to their parents is unmeasurable. My ‘littles” blossom into beautiful blooms by May and it is just the sweetest sight to behold.”

When asked what advice she would share with a new teacher who is just starting down the journey of education Mrs. Turner said, “I would tell new teachers who are just entering the classroom that those children who were placed in your care are there for a reason. Each one was specifically chosen to be with you. Love each one and get to know them well. Show them how important they are. Lift them up and let them know you care. Teach them to love one another and you can teach them anything.”

Amy has been married to her wonderful husband Todd Turner for 23 years. They have 16-year-old twins, Haydon and Emma Grace. As a family, they enjoy fishing, hunting, gardening, football games, and most anything outdoors.


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