Bringing Home the Bacon: 15 Part Time Jobs for Moms

Thinking about going back to work this year? You are not alone. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics in 2015, the labor force participation rate for mothers – the percentage of the population working or looking for work – was nearly 70%. Would that number be higher if more moms could find a job that was accommodating to their family’s schedule?

Ideally, a mom needs a job that adapts to her family and their schedule. That means starting your own business, finding work that is seasonal, or working within the school district. Take a look below at some family-friendly jobs for moms.

Be your own boss:

Dog Walker/Pet Sitter – Dog walkers work midday to give four-legged friends a potty break. Pet sitters care for pets either in their home or the pet’s home when their family is on vacation. Check out the National Association for Professional Petsitters ( more information.

Academic Tutor – This is a great job for a mom with a teaching degree! Work after school, weekends or evenings.  Spread the word in your neighborhood, area schools and the library.

Music Instructor – Use your talents to teach kids how to play an instrument, read music or use the full range of their voice.  Seek guidance at music instruction associations in your area.

Home Childcare – Moms already know how to take care of kids and have safety features, such as gates and electrical plugs, in place in their home. Check your city’s requirements and licensing for home based day care. Want summers off? Offer before and after school care instead of a full day daycare.

Lactation Consultant – Remember that wonderful woman who came to help you when you were a new mom? Imagine being that angel for someone else. For information on training and certification, check out Healthy Children’s Center for Breastfeeding (

Online Retail – eBay or Etsy – Most people have sold at least one thing on eBay in the past few years. Check out eBay University to find out how you can be a successful eBayer! If you are a talented artist or crafter, your products will sell well on Etsy. There are plenty of how-to books available for both eBay and Etsy.

Virtual Assistant – VA’s offer professional administrative services to remote clients from the comfort of their own home. This service is often used by small businesses who cannot afford to staff an administrative assistant. For more information, see the International Virtual Assistants Association (

Photographer – Photographers are in demand for product shots, family portraits, kid’s sporting events, weddings or whatever else interests them. Photographers can also sell their work to stock photo sites such as iStockPhoto or ShutterPoint.

Personal Trainer – Get certified to teach yoga, Zumba or as a personal trainer. Hold classes in your house or travel to your clients’ homes. This business is perfect for a mom as you can create your own schedule and work around any personal appointments you already have.

Freelance – Many people assume freelance work is for writers only. However, a quick scan of will show you that freelancers are needed for many jobs like IT, accounting or web design. Bid on assignments that work for your skill level and time commitment. Check out other freelance sites like oDesk, Guru, or

Work for the school district and have summer’s off:

 Crossing Guard – Crossing guards are either employed by the police department or the school district. Most work regular morning and afternoon shifts during the school year right in their own neighborhood.

Food Service Assistant – Popularly referred to as the “Lunch Lady”, moms are often hired to work in the cafeterias in grades K-12. This is a perfect job for moms with school aged kids as you work only when they are in school.

Teacher’s Sub – Not all states require substitute teachers to have a teaching degree. Requirements are either determined by the state or individually by school district. For more information on requirements in your area, check out

Secretary’s Sub – What happens when the school secretary gets sick? Schools need subs for the office staff as well. Apply at your local school district for administrative assistant positions.

School Bus Driver –Typical school bus drivers work 20 to 30 hours per week. School bus drivers need to have a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), undergo training and receive passenger and school bus endorsements. Check out your local driver’s license facility for more information.

 Pam Molnar is a freelance journalist and small business owner. She has launched several successful businesses while staying home with her three children.

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